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Zodiac collection of constellations


Zodiac collection of constellations

Wikipedia says that A constellation is simply defined as a recognizable group of conspicuous stars that are placed together as imaginary patterns or outlines on the celestial sphere. As kids we had often wondered about stars. How many are there? We tried to count them even when we knew they are uncountable. And when we were taught about constellations in our classes, we would try to spot them in the sky whenever we got a chance.

One of the questions every child comes across, I’m sure you all thought of it too, is How many constellations are there? Googled it yet? The answer is 88. Total number of constellations which are officially recognized by Astronomers is 88. 14 men and women, 9 birds, two insects, 19 land animals, 10 water creatures, two centaurs, one head of hair, a serpent, a dragon, a flying horse, a river and 29 inanimate objects compose these 88. And no, they are not easy to find because Lord knows in what shape they are. Trust me, try finding a bird and you’ll end up finding everything but a bird. They are supposed to portray a bird and the constellation would seldom look like what it is called. They are symbolic representation of the object they are named after.

Also did you know that there is a constellation named after each of the zodiac signs. Here are they:













And no it does not end here. There’s one more constellation that concludes the zodiac collection of constellations.



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