Yummy And Filling Foods

Yummy And Filling Foods

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Complex carbohydrates require a longer time period to break down in the body. Since it gives long term energy, one will not feel hungry frequently. Simple carbohydrates will only give short term energy and has less nutritional value. Hence, one will feel hungry frequently. Hence, the items listed below have great nutritional value and also are tummy filling.

  • CHINESE CABBAGE – Just 100 grams of Chinese cabbage that is uncooked contains about 105 mg of calcium. It is not only rich in calcium; it also rich in Vitamin K. Vitamin K will help to retain the calcium that has been taken in everyday. Chinese cabbage serves a vital purpose of being a well known remedy for cancer and it also aids in cell repair process in our body.
  • LADY’S FINGER – Just 100 grams of lady’s finger that is cooked contains about 77 mg of calcium. Lady’s finger is also commonly known as Okra. Lady’s finger is one of the most calcium rich foods as it helps to strengthen the bones and muscles when it is consumed in a daily basis. Lady’s finger consumption will also help to prevent and fight against bone related diseases such as osteoporosis.
  • BROCCOLI – Just 100 grams of broccoli that is cooked contains about 47 mg of calcium. It is not only rich in calcium; it also rich in Vitamin K and Vitamin C. Hence, broccoli is also known as a bone builder due to its rich content. Broccolis can be consumed raw, cooked or even juiced.
  • SPINACH – Just 100 grams of Spinach that is uncooked contains about 99 mg of calcium. When spinach is consumed raw, it has a huge amount of calcium content that prevents bones from becoming brittle and weak. Whereas when spinach is cooked, it will lose most of its calcium content hence, it is almost a waste to consume it then.
  • WHOLE WHEAT BREAD – Just 100 grams of whole wheat bread contains about 107 mg of calcium. It serves as an alternative for the calcium rich vegetables that are consumed.


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