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Your Eyes are precious. Know here, how to protect them.

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Protecting your eyesight is one of the most important things you can do to help maintain your quality of life. Some type of sight-threatening eye problem affects one in six adults age 45 and older. And the risk for vision loss only increases with age. In fact, the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) estimates that more than 43 million Americans will develop age-related eye diseases by 2020. Since the leading causes of blindness and low vision in the United States are age-related diseases such as macular degeneration, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma, protecting your eyesight as you age is an essential part of your healthcare.


  • Slice or grate small raw potatoes or cucumber and blend to a fine consistency. Strain juice and preserve pulp.
  • Prepare a cup of basil tea and add the pulp to it.
  • Pour the mixture into an ice tray and make cubes.
  • Dab them onto puffy eyes.
  • Rinse and then pat dry.


Chilled Spoon

  • Yes, you read it right. We are talking about using a chilled spoon here!
  • Place a rounded spoon in the fridge for a few minutes.
  • Once cold, pull it out and hold it against the puffy portion.
  • This is very effective in reducing puffiness.


Cold Compress

  • You can make cold compress either out of cold water or bags of ice cubes. When you feel them warm up, dip either in cold water or add more ice depending what you are using.
  • Place the cold compress on your eyes.
  • Repeat till the puffiness drains out.


Tea Bags For Puffiness

  • The natural astringents in tea i.e. tannins work wonders in reducing puffiness.
  • Wrap a tea bag around a tissue.
  • And place them on closed eyes.
  • Special Beauty Tips For Those Using Computers Or Contact Lens
  • Computers play a very important role today. There is hardly any work we can do without this electronic machine. Lenses have become a part of fashion for most modern women. Like bags and shoes, they use lenses as their accessory. Here are few tips to help rest your eyes.


When You Are In Front Of A Computer

Make sure you are in a well-lit area for any reading or eye-related activity that you are doing, even if it is on a computer screen.  After every 20 to 30 minutes of staring at the screen, look at something distant and blink several times. This improves your ability to focus. When on a computer, the number of times we blink tends to reduce. Make it a point to blink frequently to avoid dryness of eyes. Splash cool water on your face while taking a break. This will not only refresh you, but it will also cool your eyes down.

Most of us are guilty of staring at the screen for long periods at a stretch. This causes immense stress to the eyes. While staring, we mostly forget to blink. This causes the eyes to start drying out and results in itchy and puffy eyes. Too much exposure to the screen can also weaken your eyesight, and you may need glasses to correct vision.

Make sure you take a break every half an hour. If possible, close your eyes for a few minutes to give them a breather.

Fix an anti-glare shield to the monitor on your system or use anti-glare glasses when you work. You can also adjust the direction to ensure that you see the least of glare on your screen.

When You Are Using Your Lens Ensure that your lenses are clean and free from any protein deposits. Always wash hands before handling lenses. Opt for monthly disposable lenses for that fresh feeling.

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