Work out in the space, please.

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Exercising proves positive for everybody and bolsters their health, irrespective of whether you live on the earth or go about revolving along an orbit in the space. But, if you belong to the latter category, then exercise is more than important for your healthy survival. You may not return the same from space sans vigorous physical exercising. The more you work out, the more your insides are safe as you make your way home. The reason is here!


While in the earth, each step your legs take and move your hands make is an exercise in itself. Just as you get up from your bed and stroll lazily towards the bathroom, your body starts exercising. Because with each action, your bones and muscles are resisting a fraction of the force of gravity that pulls it down. So, you are exercising without even noticing it. And, this adds a little to the strength of your muscles.



While in space, your body experiences weightlessness due to lack of gravity. Astronauts float in mid-air due to microgravity and they have to be strapped to the walls to stay in a fixed spot and do a work. Else, they would float away. In such bizarre conditions in space, the human muscles have no forces to counteract against. The muscles in their legs have no job of supporting the body weight. The renders the cardiovascular system idle and it deals very less with the pumping of blood in normal rates to different parts of the body. Having no exercise means that your muscles get wasted away. In order to avoid the experience such adverse effects of being in space, astronauts are mandated to work more than people who are not to be launched into the sky anytime soon. The astronauts could exercise using Stationery bikes, Treadmills, and Advanced Resistive Exercise Device. To do spacewalks, to carry out space operations, to remain in shape, to maintain their cardiovascular health and to protect their bones from deterioration, astronauts need to work out. An approximate duration of 2 hours per day has to be spent on exercising!

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