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Words which does not mean what they literally does.


Words which does not mean what they literally does.













Well there is always a defense mechanism.you choose your words and your words reflect you but not always you opt for a wise pick.Sometimes your words can mean more than you speak and undermine you in a short order. Words have the Uncanny ability to make you look good or bad but the worst of all is you can’t take them back once slipped out.Often we encounter some politically false fox passes,or the really sophisticated off the colour jokes or else the incredibly shocking slip of tounges but wait they are not the only ways to look dumb.
Here we come with some subtle remarks that paints you as a complete unconfident and incompetent person and that’s enough to do most of the harm.
It’s not fair -when you say it’s not fair,you are actually presupposing that it is meant to be fair anyway and all the way.We all know that life can’t be fair everytime but stating this marks you as an immature and naive person.
I can’t- There has always been a twist with this phrase.Actually I can’t and I won’t are the twin sisters.when you say you can’t you somehow imply that you are not willing to.There is always an alternative like it’s okay if I can do it other way? Or let me see if I can do something else.
No problem- it is when someone is thanking you or admiring you for something and you say it’s not a problem,you are actually meaning that it would have been a problem otherwise.its always good to say ‘my pleasure’ or ‘feeling happy to help you’.

I can do it in a minute-Saying this gives an impression that you are in a hurry and rushing to get rid of your work anyway.However it sounds good to hear ,it wont take longer or it is to be completed soon .

Let me try-This word lables you as negetive and unconfident to execute your task.The try game is always played by the tiniest so why not put it the other way or offer another alternative.
I think/I believe- well there is a difference when you think something and when you believe in it.so it’s smart to make your statement firm by saying what you believe .
Bringing it all together these were some of the phrases ,removing whom we can make our vocabulary more confident and presentable.
Stay confident!stay smart!

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