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Why the happy ending stories are most liked ones?



Why the happy ending stories are most liked ones?

Be it my favourite fairy tale or a Cinderella story or may be something to talk about the Disney princess,i just always wished a handsome charming prince to come and rescue the princess dramatically because it always touches your heart.and that’s how it worked when I grew abit younger,so it is about the typical television drama where ultimately the innocence wins , irrespective of  how vague the things come to you.

Phycologically that’s how we want to see the things,we never want the evil to survive and just keep ruining everything.That may be about a movie may be on weekends when you are just sitting with your popcorns tightened up just to relax yourself but ultimately what you expect is, things should work good way.dont you?Be it your favourite antagonist but at the end he has to die for the good to happen.

Before thinking of writing about this,I went through a lot of articles just to have some phycologically supported standpoints,but most of my way I had to rethink,do we actually need happy endings? Are they a must for a story to get completed?So here I have a good answer ,even the tragedies happen to mark you a good begining and that is how we say “everything happens for some good”.

However it’s not that every story ends a good way,some stories are deliberately pushed towards the unhappy endings.It is not that you expect the things to be so magical around you,you just don’t want them to be miserable for no reason.I mean a cop out ending that you would never prefer I guess.This doesn’t mean here sad things does not exist,they do.but there are plenty in your real life and if I am not wrong ,you would not like to look at them as your pass time entertainment.

Phycologically we say it is good!it makes us positive if we expect the things to be perfectly positive around us as well.So a happily ending story is never a bad idea to cheer you up.It gives to something to keep out of your struggles and let you feel happy but yes it works untill it’s not a rushed ending!

Keep reading!keep watching!keep learning!

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