Why should you write a personal diary?

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Ever been gifted a new diary on occasions of your birthday or The New Year and a steely resolution of writing to it every day popped up only to wither in a few weeks? Read this to know how peaceful it could be to write your diary on a peaceful moonlit night.


  1. Most Faithful Pal

It’s your very own diary. And, you will find no better friend that a diary. If you have lost trust in the human companionship you had, your diary is all open arms to have your faith entrusted to it.  It could keep you a pacifying and soothing company when no one else is or when you have shut everyone away. It is never going to ditch you, never going to hurt you. Your writings make it something more than just a non-living bundle of papers. And what you tell your diary shall go with it to its grave.

  1. Not to judge you

Why most of us choose to refrain from expressing our thoughts in the raw form is the fear of being judged. We apply a heart-to-mouth filter though we can do better than that. We present a version of ourselves which is far from who we are while alone in a room. But, no matter how damaged/vulnerable you are, how many times you failed, what you have done or what you have been put through, your diary will be anything but judgmental. Your diary has no bitter mouth to back bite. Your diary is here, just so it could gracefully receive; not to judge.

  1. Give vent to your feelings

We all have chapters in life that we cannot bring ourselves to talk about to people. Bottling up frustration and feelings only adds to the negativity in us. Only when you empty the already existing contents of your head will you have space for new, fresh things to enter in. Remember, it is never okay to hold in any unhealthy memories. Unleash them onto the paper like water gushing out of a hole in the tank. Give vent to all that’s been bothering you. Your diary is at the receiving end and it will also be able to take any amount of your eruptions.

  1. Memories treasured

Wouldn’t you, as an adult, want to look back in years and laugh at how you were all over that first crush in high school? How much elation could it give you to read about the first time your baby daughter smiled that heavenly smile of hers? More than the photos in your gallery and your Instagram updates, your own handwritten experience will tell you what it was at the moment of it. It will let you travel back to all those phases of life that you will crave nostalgically for.

  1. Personalize it!

You can stop anyone from sneaking into your private world called the diary. Personalized diaries with lock and keys are available in most gift shops today. Gift yourself a pretty one, name it and call it yours!


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