Why should you prefer hands over spoons and forks?

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Do you have to fumble with spoons and forks every time you eat out because you are afraid of coming across as uncivilized? Have your hands itched to rip that ghee chapatti to pieces, dump it in rich raajma gravy and feed yourself generously but refrained from doing so? You don’t have to worry anymore. Next time someone asks you to pick your spoon and insists on ‘manners’, tell them off with these points!

1) Feel the food!

Before you can feed your stomach, it stomach needs to prepare itself for the arrival of the food. This will make your stomach and digestive enzymes to be more receptive to the food. As you touch the meal with your fingers, your body senses it and anticipates the food.

2) Stimulates digestion

The tips of your fingers are the stimulation points for the effective functioning of your digestive glands. As the nerve endings of your fingers come into contact with the food, they convey the estimated temperature and texture of the food to prepare your stomach accordingly.  As you tear and pick up pieces, they activate the digestive system and the acids that are facilitated in their process of breaking down food molecules and assimilating the nutrients.

3) Your hands scoop up just the right proportion

Only your fingers can pick up the right proportion of all the contents from your plate that you need for every mouthful. Your spoon is no match for your hands in blending the oily aalo paratha with the curd.

4) You need the earth

There are five elements that everyone has to ingest in their body, through some form or the other. The earth, air, water, fire, and sky are these elements. While you eat with your hand, you are eating up millions of unseen microbes and harmless dirt. This is a part of the earth that must go to your body for keeping you fit and strong. Eating with hands does just that you.


5) Your hands are cleaner and spoons

Contrary to common perception that eating with hands is dirty, that is rather not dirtier than spoons. While spoons may have been used by more than just you and the metal in the spoon comes with no guarantee of complete hygiene, your hands are all yours to survey upon and keep clean. In the best interest of yourself, you will make sure they are clean enough before you dig into the food.



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