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Why Should You Cut All Ties With Your Ex?


Why Should You Cut All Ties With Your Ex?

The worst thing which you can do with yourself is disrespecting yourself. If you had made a choice then there must have been a reason, strong enough to lead you there, so, now there is nothing you can do to make things right. Doesn’t matter how hard you try.
Here are some reasons, which will suggest you cut all your ties with your ex, in case you need.

Stop expecting a change.
Before trying to talk to them again, stop and think about the reason, why you guys are not together anymore. Maybe he was not giving you enough time, or maybe she was not free enough to understand you. So, will anything change now? The answer will surely be no. And this is why you guys split your ways, so better let it be like that.

Gone for good.
When you were with them, most of your time was spent either waiting or crying or begging them to not leave you, as if you are nothing but a pile of garbage, so you decided to part your ways. Now, you want to go in that shit again and befriend with them, that’s absolutely not a good idea. Let them live their lives and you live yours, but remember, They Are Gone For Good.

Favours can be only thing they are looking for.
Okay, so let’s make a point clear, not everyone can be so low with morals, that they go in a relationship just for favors. But, still, you cannot completely deny the fact, that this might be a reason, your ex-wants to talk to you again. So be aware, because favors can be like anything. Maybe they are too bored or too broke, pay a good amount of attention, then decide.

Save your self from all that disastrous drama again.
When you guys broke up, and they were gone, it was like living in hell. You might have been cried for a week, a month maybe a year. Just look at yourself in the mirror, you deserve far more batter than this. Maybe talking to them remind you of all that again, so do yourself a favor, leave them behind and move on.

They don’t deserve your time.
No, not at all. Nothing negative is worth a single second of your time. When someone made their mind to leave you and you coped up with all that on your own, so you can do it again. And if they left once, they can do it again. So better, save the time you were thinking to spend with them and utilize it see towards new possibilities.

Not, every relation is same and neither are the people in them. It might be a possibility that, some of us are already good friends with our exes, but some of us, are still struggling to come to it. So, first of all, decide which is your situation and then take the most appropriate step. But the bottom line remains the same, respect and love your self enough, to move away from anything or anyone, who doesn’t deserve you.

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