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Why long distance relationships are healthy?

Long distance relationships


Why long distance relationships are healthy?

Science says:’Distance makes the heart grow fonder.’what love can’t distance does.A long distance relationship is difficult to handle,sometimes it’s really not easy to manage but they are super strong and doable.Long distance relationships are just too gud for you.There is no sugarcoating,no extra spices.it never sucks being in a distant relationship.you always have your freedom.Here we bring you some super reasons why long distance relationships are healthier:

1)It gives you your space-You own yourself and You own your life.you do not have to be with your partner all the time.you can plan girls night and have fun other way.A long distance relationship helps you in maintaining the thin line between your private space and personal space.

2)the eager to meet your partner- You are always excited to meet your partner.There is always an excitement burning inside you.it smoothens your relationship and add sparkles to your love life.

3) the priceless smile- The smile when you get to see each other is simply priceless and no dictionary can describe this precious feeling.

4)Communication is always on point-your long distance relationship involves plenty of talking.It includes everything.You always have a lot of thing to share.You learn how to listen your partner.You learn how to tackle the challenges thrown at you.There is never ever a chance of communication gap because you always have beautiful conversations.

5)you have a full time support network-A relationship relying on technology an social media means you and your partner are always plugged in.There is never a thing like ,we will talk about it later,You have your partner when you need him.

6)You fight a little less.-You always have this with you that you are in a distant relationship.You ignore the small akward moments even if they exist.In a distant relationship you do not take your partner forgranted.You ignore your little fights and there are always better chances of patchups.

Distance never keeps you apart,it makes you closer a little more !!!

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