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What Not To Do After A Breakup.


What Not To Do After A Breakup.

Breakups are always sad. But there is always the one, whom we mistakenly assume to be ‘The One,’ when they leave, the vacuum is really hard to fill. And pain is almost unbearable.
Some of us even find it difficult to breathe, but we still live, and then fight every day and keep fighting till the day, the pain becomes bearable, mind you, it will never end, but you will finally be okay with that.
People come and go, we, want it or not, have to move on. If you anyone you know, is in that worst fate, keep these little things in mind and you might feel a bit better.

1; Don’t expect them to come back;
The person is gone, accept it and move on. Easier said than done, but do you have an option. No, so see the reality, no matter how harsh it is.

2; Don’t try to communicate with them at all.
This point is a big no, never I repeat, Never, beg them to come back. Sometimes, people enjoy watching others in pain, and if they are the reason behind the pain, they enjoy even more. You will only waste your time, energy and most important self-respect. Love your self enough and move on.

3; Never think that Alcohol is a solution.
No one is more important than your life. Noone means no one. Live your life for those who care. The one who left, will not come back with alcohol. Moreover, be strong enough to face any significance of your decision. Loving them was your decision, now they left, so you have to live with it. Face it.

4; Don’t try to blame yourself.
No, It’s not your fault. If you gave your hundred percent, was always available, never cheated, then no, it’s not your fault. If they left because you are fat, or ugly, or want time, or loyalty, then it’s not your fault. Stop blaming start living.

5; Don’t talk to anyone who reminds you of them.
They are gone but maybe one or two of their well-wishers are left behind. Kick them out of your lives, and tell them to stay away. Tell anyone who hurts you from now on, to stay away.

6; Don’t try to replace them with anything you find.
You are alone, and missing them, but not garbage. Know your worth, just don’t be with anyone. Love yourself first. Be comfortable in your solitude and try to be your best friend.

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