Causes Of Skin Pustule

What Are The Skin Pustules And What Are The Causes Of Skin Pustule

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In this modern time, people are not satisfied much with anything natural. Likewise it goes even for the natural god given gifts for us which are our natural features of the face. Nowadays, when they don’t like the appearance of their natural features such as the size of their lip, colour of their skin, length of their nose, etc they just go for a cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic Surgery falls under one of the categories of plastic surgery. Currently, cosmetic surgery has become a trend setter for all rich people. There are also genuine reasons for which cosmetic surgeries are done such as to improve the function of the human body part, cover burns, removal of birth marks, removal of accidental scars, etc. However, natural beauty is always best admired because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.


The outburst of acne occurs when the pores of your skin become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. This blockage causes patches of skin to bulge resulting in a pustule. Pustules usually contain pus due to an infection of the pore cavity. Pustules caused by acne can become hard and painful.


A few major most common causes of skin pustules are listed below.

  • Acne – Acne is a skin condition in which the pores of the skin are filled with oil and dead skin cells. The symptoms of acne are pimples, skin rash and blackheads.
  • Psoriasis – This is a skin condition in which the skin cells get accumulated one over another which forms scales and itchy patches. The symptoms of psoriasis are skin rash, pimple and plaque.
  • Rosacea – Rosacea is a skin condition that creates the skin to become red and also causes formation of small pus filled red coloured boils on the face. The symptoms are pimples, skin rash and red face.
  • Generalised pustular psoriasis – Generalised pustular psoriasis is a skin condition that is a very rare type of psoriasis that can develop in various forms for different people. The symptoms of generalised pustular psoriasis are pimples and skin rashes.
  • Folliculitis – This is a skin condition in which an infection causes hair growth on the pores of the skin. The symptoms of folliculitis are pimples, skin rash and skin burning sensations.

Among the above mentioned causes of skin pustules, acne, psoriasis, rosacea and folliculitis are the most common causes of skin pustules.

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