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What Are The major Issues Affecting Teens Today? Know Here!

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In this modern day society, there are many major issues faced by teens in this world such as diabetes, heart attack, obesity, acne scars, hair loss, etc. This scenario of different issues is caused mainly due to Pollution. Pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, etc are the main reasons. These issues can also occur due to increase in the stress level of a person. Unfortunately, for some teens, certain issue maybe a heredity problem which will be passed on to generations from their parents or grandparents.


These are the major issues seen in most of the teens today which are:

  • Hair Loss
  • Obesity
  • Skin Problems
  • Stress
  • Dislike of Aesthetic Appearance


  1. HAIR LOSS – Hair loss can occur to both female and male at any age these days. The number of patients going to dermatologist to seek advice for hair loss and remedies for it is constantly increasing day by day. This scenario is caused mainly due to pollution. Pollutions such as air pollution, water pollution, etc are the main reasons for too much of hair loss. Hair loss can also occur due to increase in the stress level of a person. Unfortunately, for some people, hair loss can be a heredity problem also. The two commonly known hair loss types are
  2. Female Pattern Baldness
  3. Male Pattern Baldness
  4. OBESITY – The most popular problem faced by almost everyone these days is obesity. In India, nearly 11 million people are facing problems because of obesity every year. The number of people getting obese is increasing day by day because of the consumption of junk food and improper eating habits. Obesity can lead to many health issues such as stroke, heart attack, elevated blood pressure, clotting of blood, etc. A person is medically considered to be obese when their body mass index is 25 or more than that. Obesity is nothing but the being overweight.
  5. SKIN PROBLEMS – People do not even get time to eat properly or take care of themselves. Due to the increasing number of consumption of junk food and fast food, people are prone to skin related problems and also various other problems in the body. Too much oily food can cause the outburst of pimples, acne, etc. The amount of pollution related health hazards faced are tremendous in number.


  1. STRESS – Youngsters these days have too much of stress due to various reasons and the one solution to relieve stress is Yoga. On a general note, yoga helps to relieve all the stress accumulated in the mind which is very toxic to health that leads to various health hazards. Yoga will also help to improve your health and speaking about this particular pose in yoga, it will help to maintain a healthy digestive tract. Hence, yoga should be done by every one of all ages.
  2. DISLIKE OF AESTHETIC APPEARANCE – People are not satisfied much with anything natural. Likewise it goes even for the natural god given gifts for us which are our natural features of the face. Nowadays, when they don’t like the appearance of their natural features such as the size of their lip, colour of their skin, length of their nose, etc they just go for a cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic Surgery falls under one of the categories of plastic surgery. Currently, cosmetic surgery has become a trend setter for all rich people. There are also genuine reasons for which cosmetic surgeries are done such as to improve the function of the human body part, cover burns, removal of birth marks, removal of accidental scars, etc. However, natural beauty is always best admired because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

These are the five major issues faced by teens these days which has more than one solution.

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