Become Emotionally Strong

Ways To Become Emotionally Strong, On Which You Can Count.

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Whether it pertains to your relationships, career, or your own personal well-being, knowing how to tough through fickle situations by finding ways to be emotionally strong can positively influence your life. When it comes to stress, it can affect a lot of people in different ways: some might cry every time they’re frustrated (guilty!) while others become quiet and hide until they feel better. While there’s nothing wrong with either of those situations, knowing how to manage your emotions and dictate why you’re feeling they can help you understand yourself much better so you stop considering yourself weak. Learning how to cope with life’s misfortunes is a great way to build your emotional strength.

Look For Patterns In Your Behaviour

“Do you always end up feeling like a victim? Pick emotionally unhealthy friends or lovers and therefore end up unhappy? Sabotage your successes and achievements? Think you want to be alone, then hate it?” says Koenig about looking for patterns in your behaviour. Whether you feel like a victim when something goes wrong or you talk down to yourself when you slip up, examine these situations and figure out why you do and feel these things to fix these emotions and make yourself strong.

Stop Judging Yourself

“Stop judging yourself. Lead with self-compassion and curiosity about why you have particular thoughts and feelings and why you engage in specific behaviours,” says Koenig. Embrace your emotions for what they are and don’t try to shut them out when you feel them. You don’t want to engage in negative self-talk because it can make you feel worse about yourself.

Take Emotional Risks

The more you put yourself out there, the stronger you may become. You want to exercise your emotions even if it makes you feel a little uncomfortable. “Take emotional risks that feel manageable to put yourself in situations that make you mildly uncomfortable but that may help you grow emotionally,” says Koenig.

Recognize Your Emotions

Don’t punish yourself for having certain feelings. It’s natural to feel down, angry or even jealous. When you’re experiencing any negative emotions, thoughtfully examine them and figure what you want your next step to be. “Allow yourself to recognize and accept every emotion you have and then decide if you want to pursue this emotion or let it go,” says Koenig says about recognizing your emotions.

Talk To A Therapist

“Going into therapy, even if it’s for only a short period of time, can be a great way to work on your emotional issues and inner resilience level,” says psychotherapist and author of Your Best Age is Now Robi Ludwig in an interview with Bustle over email. Don’t think that going to see a therapist is a bad thing. Vocalizing your worries to someone is a great way to figure out why you’re feeling a certain way so you can build your emotional strength.

Allow your strength to come from within, whether that means you talk to a therapist or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Embrace your emotions for what they are and soon you’ll become emotionally strong.


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