Want a whole new experience? Work with these NGOs and you won’t be disappointed.

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Our study reveals that the NGO sector has emerged as a competitive employer and offers meaningful and attractive opportunities for the talent market. Organisations in this sector, in fact, are quite ahead of the corporate sector in terms of providing a positive and engaging employee experience to their people. Many of the Non-Government Organisations (especially the best workplaces among them) are being run as rigorously as corporates, incorporating practices like compensation bench marking, performance management and training need analysis for all employees. Training programs focusing on leadership development, behavioral training, managerial skill development and opportunities for vocational learning are offered to employees. Benefits like financial help in times of family crisis, free medical facilities in affiliated hospitals and aid to school-going children of employees are made available. Apart from norms set by their global parent in case of multi-national NGOs, this culture is also driven by the top leadership teams of these NGOs, some of whom carry a prior experience of working in the corporate sector before moving to the NGO sector. Incorporating people practices comparable with the corporate sector, these NGOs have been able to create an environment where employees trust the people they work for, have pride in work they do and enjoy the company of people they work with.

Goonj Limited

This organization was started in the year 1999. This NGO was started by a young journalist named Anish Gupta. This organization aims at providing clothing for every poor kid throughout the country. The corporate office of this organization is located in Delhi. Thus making it a very special organization.

Smile Foundation

This organization was started in the year 2002 and it’s been almost more than a decade it had been very much functional. The corporate office of this organization is located in Delhi. This aims at providing better status for child education in India. They make sure that every kid gets a good education and also he gets all his opportunities. The whole concept of its that to abolish the child labor in the country.

Help Age India

This non-governmental organization aims at the helping of aged individuals who are bedridden and sick. They even won an award called social welfare award. It also has won about 3 ICAI awards too for the excellence in financial reporting. The corporate office of this organization is located in Delhi.

Nanhi Kali

This organization was started in the year of 1996. The main motto of this organization is to encourage girl education. This organization was founded by Anand Mahindra. Their corporate office is seen in Mumbai. They are supported by KC Mahindra trust and also by Nandi foundation. They have now reached a point where they are successfully educating more than 50000 girls in the country.

Give India

This organization is founded in the year 1999. This NGO doe’s an interesting job of collecting financial funds from all over the world and distribution of that raised fund for those NGOs which work inside the India. This is a very efficient NGO.


This NGO was started in the year 1979. This NGO strongly fights for the rights of the children. CRY is the acronym of the name child rights and you. The founder of this organization is Rippan Kapoor. The sole motive of this organization is to provide the underprivileged children with better education, food, and health. The headquarters of this organization is located at Mumbai and it has branches even in the capital city, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kolkata


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