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Wanna sleep like a dead in a morgue? spend a night in capsule hotels!


Wanna sleep like a dead in a morgue? spend a night in capsule hotels!

Capsule hotels debuted in 1979 in Osaka with the “Capsule Hotel In Osaka” in the city’s bustling Umeda district. Architect Kisho Kurokawa designed the hotel, which seemed like a logical extension of the Tokyo residential and office tower, Nakagin Capsule Tower. That structure, built in 1972, offered tiny, capsule-like apartments.

Originally created as accommodation for businessmen looking for a few hours to spend the night after they missed the last train home or for people who cannot afford a well-furbished hotel for a night. Traditionally, capsule hotels have been men-only. There are several reasons for this, including that many capsule hotels simply do not have enough space to offer separate baths, showers, and sleeping floors for men and women. But pod hotels for women are also coming up with a different floor or a different room for them to stay in. As the walls are really thin, some people might feel uncomfortable. Also, Bathing facilities include a communal bath- bathing with strangers. Therefore, men and women are put up separately.

The standard capsule is a fiberglass unit built around a single size futon mattress, measuring roughly 1.2 meters wide, two meters long and one meter high. They are usually stacked two units high and lined up side by side along the corridor. Sheets, blankets and pillows are provided, and each capsule also usually comes outfitted with a light, alarm clock, TV and radio unit built in. A curtain or door can be closed in front of the entrance for privacy. In addition, most places provide power outlets and free wifi internet inside the capsules.

Capsule Hotels are expanding at a high rate of speed and can be found in many places now, even in India. Though, if you are claustrophobic, you might wanna think a lot times before staying in pod hotels because you may feel confined. Go on and try these hotels when you have little money and no hope of getting rooms anywhere else.

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