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Types Of Friend Circle Every Girl Need.


Types Of Friend Circle Every Girl Need.

Friends and friendship is a blessing we have got. And in case of girls, it becomes a special case. Every girl needs a friend circle as listed below.

Caring one
She will be the one, to take care of the whole circle and all of you can rely on her. You all can always ask her about your lost vehicle keys and she will know. You can get drunk and she will be the sober one to get you home. But always remember, friendship is never single sided, so you to try to take care of her, in the best possible ways.

Fashion Freak
If anyone from your circle is going on a date, or in a wedding or just on the evening walk, she is the one to suggest the perfect clothes, matching shoes and the makeup for the occasion. You guys rely on her decision more than any magazine or famous youtube channel.

The Entertainer.
She is the one in the circle who keeps everyone happy. Doesn’t matter if you are in a bad mood, she can change it like that with her wit and jokes.

Relationship Advisor.
Had a breakup, or a new crush? In love or in a fight, come to her, and she will resolve everything. Every girl gang needs her, and every girl counts on her for relationship advice.

The Foodie.
Yes, this is the most delicious part of every girl circle. A foodie friend, because she always knows the best place in town for the occasion.

Partner in crime.
She is the first person to think of if you have a notorious plan in your mind. She always knows how to save you all if in case you get in trouble, which is really impossible with her foolproof plans.

Fitness lover.
She keeps you all fit and advises you all to get yourselves in shape. Its really hard to keep up with her in her Zumba, aerobics and yoga session, but you all still love her to motivate you all to keep in shape.

Gossip Queen.
It’s impossible to have a friends circle without her, she keeps us all updated. Who is dating whom, who broke up? Who is getting married and many more news? She is never without news.

No matter, your circle includes everyone described above or not, but we are sure of one thing, you must be madly in love with all of them, and that what makes our friendship divine.


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