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Try These 15 Tricks To Make Waxing Less Painful!



Try These 15 Tricks To Make Waxing Less Painful!


Waxing is one of the most common beauty treatments done mostly by women inorder to remove the body hair by applying a thin layer of hot wax over the region at which hair has to be removed and pulling the wax strip very fast. Waxing is an extremely painful process. After the waxing process, generally the person’s skin may have blisters or redness for a few days. There are different types of wax used these days such as chocolate wax, golden wax, soft wax, sugar wax, fruit wax, hard wax, etc.


These will help to reduce the pain while waxing is done:

  1. Do not do waxing when you are on your periods. When you are on your periods you will be extremely sensitive to pain so, do avoid it during periods time.
  2. Inorder to soften the hair and also to open up the pores of your skin, take a Luke warm water shower before starting the waxing process.
  3. After the waxing process, wear loose cotton clothes so, that it does not disturb the region that has been waxed to avoid irritation during contact of your freshly waxed skin and the clothes.
  4. Inorder to decrease the pain, pull the wax strip on the opposite side of the hair growth.
  5. Inorder to deal with the pain, take short and quick breaths like as if you are giving birth as it will actually help to ease the pain to some extent though it may sound stupid.
  6. Before waxing, exfoliate the hair follicles by scrubbing off the dead skin cells the previous night itself.
  7. This trick may sound really stupid but it definitely works. Do some stretching exercises to stretch your body out before undergoing the waxing process.
  8. Caffeine and alcohol tends to turn the skin more sensitive. Hence, do not drink coffee or alcohol or any caffeinated drinks before waxing as it will make your skin extremely sensitive.
  9. Do not undergo a waxing process when the body hair is small and prickly as it will be extremely painful. Hence, let the body hair grow to a particular level.
  10. Never shave your hair and then go for waxing the next time. As once you shaved your hair once it will disturb the hair growth thus, the waxing process will be extremely painful.
  11. When you are going to wax all the parts of your body where body hair is present please do not take it all off at the same time as it will give you extreme pain all at once. Hence, do it in small bits which will give a bearable amount of pain.
  12. Do not wax your eyebrows, eye lashes, nose hairs and any other over sensitive parts of the body.
  13. Do not wax over the regions of your body where there are scars, sun burns or any sort of rashes present.
  14. Never apply searing hot wax on your skin. Let it cool down and then apply it as it may even burn your skin and cause scars.
  15. Apply numbing creams to anesthetize the region of skin where you are going to get waxed inorder to reduce the pain.

These are the 15 tricks to make waxing less painful.

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