Trichotillomania- The uncontrollable compulsion to remove hairs and eyelashes!

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Trichotillomania: The compelling urge to pull out your hair or eyelashes. It shares the nature of Obsessive Compulsion Disorder in that drives you to remove all the hair that is out of place. You feel the need to make it “right”. When you refrain yourself and let that hair stay, it is quite unsettling. And, it’s only after removing the hairs that you are put to rest. It’s easily self-diagnosed but a doctor or psychiatrist’s confirmation could be better. It varies in degree and approach with each person. While some may only be compelled to have perfectly lined eyelashes some others want to remove every bit of hair from their body that they feel is out place. Some use their hands and pluck it rashly whereas some others use tweezers and work on it intently. Some others just rub and twist the hairs while some others eat it. (Known as trichophagia). A small measure I would suggest to overcome this compulsion is to know yourself. Be aware of all your triggers. Know the circumstances under which you usually become bound to such uncontrollable urges. For example, a particular habit such as reading books can be followed by that condition simultaneously. A specific posture can lead you into that compulsion. Identify those points and avoid them. Distract yourself until you have come a long way from this habit.

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