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Top Indian Web Series, You Shouldn’t Really Miss Watching.

Top Indian Web Series


Top Indian Web Series, You Shouldn’t Really Miss Watching.

1. Pitchers.

The Viral Fever’s (TVF) web series Pitchers, which was launched in 2015 on the company’s YouTube channel as well as their official TVF Play website, has gathered much acclaim, so much so it has made it into IMDB’s top 250 tv series list.
The series follows the lives of four young professionals who quit their jobs in order to venture out into the wild entrepreneurial world. Each episode is 40 minutes long, on an average, but you’ll be left asking for more at the end of every one of them.

2. Permanent Roommates.

The series follows the story of a couple who have been in a long distance relationship for the past three years and now when they finally meet, the prospect of marriage awaits them.
TVF has done a fantastic job tapping into the audience’s mind while exploring the nitty-gritty’s of a relationship in the current era and the story doesn’t seem superficial — you can relate to it too.

3. Tripling

The latest offering from TVF is a simple story about three siblings who embark on a road trip together — not by choice, but by force of circumstances.
Plagued by an unstable marriage, divorce, and joblessness, the trio finds solace in this journey as they head home to find comfort. The series gives an insight into the urban rat race that bothers a young fledgling mind and how a family is an answer to most of our problems.

4. Man’s World.

Imagine if the world was opposite — as in there was a role reversal between the men and women of our society — how does such a world sound? Puzzled and excited at the same time right?
film’s Man’s World follows a fictional account of a guy whose life is turned upside down as he now lives in a world where women are the dominating gender and all the issues faced by women today are faced by him.

5. Bang Baaja Baaraat

Bang Baaja Baaraat is a hilarious take on marriages in the present date and culture wherein arranged marriages are a thing of the past. The story revolves around a couple who meet and click instantly and soon decide to get married.
But as is said, when everything is jolly and good, life has a struggle in store for you. Their decision to get married turns their life upside down as they can not cope with the added family pressure. Will their love survive?

6. Alisha.

The story follows the life of a fashion aficionado who is trying to make it big in the fashion industry after moving back to Mumbai from Los Angeles and her life unfolds into a series of mysterious events.
Alisha is our very own desi version of Sherlock. This series by Blush is meant for anyone who loves mystery novels/movies/tv shows.

7. Life Sahi hai.

A much-needed reprise to the Pyaar ka Punchnama titles in a web-format, Life Sahi Hai explores the lives of four carefree friends, who’re all different kinds when it comes to women.
The series follows the lives of bachelors in New Delhi and gives a hilarious take on the challenges they face with women — be it their boss or girlfriend. A must watch for every bachelor, and even if you’re not — relive the good old days with these guys.

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