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This tells you why it is good reading a sequel to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’


This tells you why it is good reading a sequel to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Fifty Shades of Grey was worth my busy schedule and I only look back to the fun I had reading it. It gave a peculiar category of love story, with the hardly familiar concept of ‘sub’ and ‘dom’. There is not a page turning thrill running in the story but it keeps you enraptured nevertheless with its dark, alluring yet witty love story. Sexual anticipation drips from the characters in most parts of the book. Christian needs to control his partner and seems to never let go of his dominant clutches on Anastasia. Ana, on the other hand, is struck between her overwhelming love for Christian and her own dignity, freedom. This is the point of uncertainty where the first book comes to an end. Now, we have the wonderful sequel to it, the ‘Fifty shades darker’. (Spoiler warning!). The book emphasizes the significant changes that separation brings. It is only in the absence of something that we realize the value of its presence. It connects Christian to a character that is just stepping out of its own bubble of fear, insecurities and inner demons. And, the way the book narrates his withering himself away from his own iron grip makes us empathize the very character we called arrogant, selfish and womanizing in the last book. He makes it up to Anastasia with heart melting amends and promises her the world. The book brings in a new character, Leila, one of Christian’s ex-sub. She poses threat to the new pair of Ana and Christian that has just switched over to the mode of honey and bouquets. Contrary to the first book, where the story revolved solely around the heated sensation between the lead roles, the sequel introduces yet another antagonizing character, namely Jack Hyde who is Ana’s boss. One more negative role is from Mrs. Robinson from the earlier book. The arrival of rivalries spices up the story a bit and lets the story take a turn from the monotonous intimate or fight scenes of the two new love birds. This sequel shows little of the audacious Kate, Ana’s friend. With as much amazing travel adventures, parties and humour as the previous book, the sequel is equally a great read too. It is in this book that Christian finally dissolves his contempt to touches on his body, confesses his love to Ana and at last proposes her marriage. The book makes it obvious how Christian makes Ana the centre of his world, in front of everybody and every time. This book closes to a very happy ending and marks its sequel to an open happy opening too.

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