children’s activity is causing disease

This Popular Children Activity Creating Serious Infection To The Kids.

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One of the most popular children activity performed in the birthday parties is creating more harm then good in between the children. The rented items in the birthday parties may be cheap but they sustains many dangerous infections which are coming on the surface now. 

Brenda Sanderson learned this first time when her 10 years old son started breaking out in what appears to be burn. But when it does not solved by home remedies she took her son to the hospital immediately. 

In the hospital, the doctor explain that her son comes in the contact with many staph infection while playing in a contaminated bounce house. Her son got infected because bounce house was not properly cleaned after used by other children. 

children’s activity is causing diseaseIt is like a mat Staph infections comes from a gym or something which is not cleaned properly after use will start to create bacteria. 

It does not mean that we are saying that you should not rent bounce house in next birthday of your children, but call the organiser and make sure that it has been properly sanitized.

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