This is why bird-watching never fails to cheer me up!

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Bird watching. It piques my interest as to how some detection and observation of these endearing cutesy species can make a hobby so soothing yet so thrilling. Well, exceptions are when you observe a caged bird! As a scientific sport and pastime, bird watching first hit the grounds of Great Britain and then swayed over the Unites States. Naked-eyed bird watching gained popularity after optical aids such as binoculars and telescope came into the picture. This equipment with a field guide (bird book) and a notepad composed a simple bird watching kit for anyone.

If you are one of those people who have heard and studied of bird watching from afar but never have tried their hands on it, then this might give you a little push. The primary purpose of this hobby is to watch and observe birds. But twitchers and bird watchers will tell you there is a lot more to it than what meets the eye. Trying to recognize a bird just by the song of it, just by the way it swoops down over the trees and then capturing in your camera or rather in your heart muscles, the visuals of every subtle move that a particular bird makes- that’s just how intrinsic and beautiful the hobby is. The aftermath of waiting for long hours and then finally beginning to catch glimpses of a seldom seen bird is what determines exhilaration to a twitcher. Whether someone used to set out onto the meadows to bird watch with their grandpa or started off some time with just something as basic as binoculars, the birders shall never go sans bird watching once this hobby has them enthralled in its bubble of charm and serenity. Mirroring the charisma of nature and her offsprings, bird watching can coax you into unplugging yourself from the virtual world and leave tinges of tranquility in your nerves. As a recreation that will let you find the other side to this hard-pressed and sweat-soaked world, bird watching comes easy to any person and could go a long way in inviting the participation of the elderly and disabled at all times of the year. So as to clear a common misconception, I would knock over the huge wall of difference between a birdwatcher and a twitcher. While birdwatchers observe and study any casual bird that provokes their eyes, twitchers are into traveling far and wide just so they could expand the catalog of birds spotted by them even by a single more input. What but watching these birdies making themselves feel at home in their nests can connect us more with nature? Interesting and serene as it comes, this hobby can also stem-wind your inborn hunting nature. Merely tracking them down and watching as they glide and move could suffice the hunting instincts of many. Atop the merits of bird watching lies the fact that this hobby altogether hardly costs you anything more than a couple books of J.K.Rowling. Strolling over your back yard, staring out the window sipping your coffee or popping your head out as your car passes by beguiling landscapes, this hobby can always catalyst your happiness generating hormones!


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