This Is How Neha Kakkar Replied To Her Troller!

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Popular playback singer Neha Kakkar is all set to make her come back on ndian Idol as a judge after previously participating in the singing reality show is trolled for her previous episode. But her response to the troller is much more stronger than the troll.

This is what he said on her Instagram account with some memes.

Getting #Trolled for Crying! Next time Plz Troll Me for my Loud Laughter as well. Infact Why Dont You Troll Me for Helping the Needy People?? ..
Anyway! Whatever it is, This is how I Am “Jaisi Real Life Mein Hoon, Waisi Hi Camera Ke Aage” CAMERA CANT CHANGE MY PERSONALITY! Yes I Am An Emotional Girl and Really Proud of it! I Have a Heart that feels people’s Emotions.. Many people these days have become Heartless/ Emotionless.. I don’t wanna become like them 🙏🏼 If I find something funny, I Laugh my lungs out, if I find something sad, it makes me Cry.. This is how I am and I’ll remain the same till I’m alive!! I have not only Cried but I’ve also Helped people several times and I will keep doing that!! Nothing can change me!! Infact people Love me for what I Am and for what I Do! ♥ 🤗 .. ..
P.S. This trolling and those memes made Me laugh too 🙈 They’re actually Funny 🤣 and Btw.. We (#IndianIdol) Only take #GoodSingers ahead, Not the ones who have #SadStories

Here are few memes which she posted on her Instagram Acount aalong with reply.



neha kakkar troll

2.neha kakkar troll

3.neha kakkar troll

4.neha kakkar troll

5.neha kakkar troll

neha kakkar troll

7.neha kakkar troll

8neha kakkar troll

9neha kakkar troll

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