Things to keep me in mind while online shopping.

Things to keep me in mind while online shopping.

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There is no doubt in it that online shopping has pros which you won’t find while shopping from a physical store. The variety you get while you are just at your home leaning to the pillow and having the laptop on your lap. Plus the online store never closes and it’s available wherever you go. But if you don’t keep in mind the hidden charges and fees coming to you with your product may ruin your online shopping experience. So how can you make sure that you are giving away your money in the right way?

Identity theft: While most sites are relatively secure, security breaches do occur, which can result in headaches and potentially lost money for the consumer. If you want to avoid this possibility altogether, shopping in stores with cash is your best option.

No Fitting Rooms: Buying clothes online is risky unless you are completely familiar with the particular article of clothing you are purchasing. Without a chance to try something on, you have no guarantee that it will fit you or even look good on you until you receive it in the mail.

Compare the prices: Who does not like extra profit coming in their pocket? The same goes with the online shopping retailers. Businesses save a lot when they come to the online world. They don’t have to pay rent and other bills of the store, with it they also save a lot on their sales representatives. Plus online shopping having wider audience brings them more audience resulting in more profits.

But many online stores don’t pass on these benefits towards their buyers, which make it necessary to compare the prices with other online retailers before you finalize the deal. This will not just ensure that you are paying the lowest for an item but will also develop a sense of good reputation for the store. But make sure you don’t compromise on the quality. Having a major difference in the pricing too is a sign of the scam.

The shipping charges: The shipping charges are the most common hidden charges you face while buying things online. Many companies may provide you with some free items but their shipping charges make the item even more costly with the store gaining more profits. So make sure you read the complete description of billing before you check out as a few websites keep the hidden charges hidden till you have provided your credit card details. Though you can still cancel the deal the time you had already put on goes all wasted.

One of the ways to handle this problem is to buy from the online store that provides flat rate shipping charges. This will not just help you save if you buy in bulk but will also make sure that anything you are getting free is actually free.

Returns: If you do decide to return something, you often have to send it back through the mail instead of taking it to a store. While this isn’t an altogether impossible task, it can be time-consuming and aggravating.

The “re” charges: The re-shipping charges are somewhat you cannot stop. Say you don’t like a product and the website provides money back guarantee or you wish to exchange a product and need to return it. Then you must prepare yourself for the reshipping charges. Some websites even have re-stocking charges or what is called as handling charges in order to discourage customers from returning the items purchased. Thus a full refund to has a deep story which you need to know before you buy things. This is somehow even a drawback of the online shipping as you can actually see and feel your product like you can when you buy from a store. This mostly happens in cloth items and they may not be completely like the way you have seen them on the website especially in terms of color and fabric.

But the fact is if you are aware while you are shopping it cannot just make your online shopping experience amazing but will help you get an advantage of the deals and discounts online shopping offers.

Quality: Just like size, quality is something you cannot necessarily see based solely on a two-dimensional screen. You cannot see every feature of something like a dishwasher online, and may miss details you would notice in the store.

Customer Service: The main thing missing from the online shopping experience is a helpful sales staff who can answer your questions and offer you guidance. Online consumers shop alone and don’t have someone to talk to about a product the way that in-store shoppers do.

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