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These Tweets Will Prove That England’s Fans Are More Superstitious Than Indian Fans

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Leanding with 1-0 in the ongoing semifinal match against Croatia, England almost on the edge to enter into the final for the winning trophy. Well till the time England have not won any FIFA world cup and if they maintain to enter in the final which is almost possible, it will be their 3rd final in the FIFA world cup history. 

Well like Indian Fans England’s Fans are also so much superstitious and these tweets are proves of that. If you don’t believe of me then check out these tweets yourself.

Great Mr. Robbeckett and what about your underwear? Is it also same?

But keep Doing Shampoo Mr. Josh 😛

No Mr Scott you are not 😀

And keep this KIT for your kid so that they can wear the same for every England game.

And what about the stink which he may be getting from that jersey?

And where is your Lucky Underwear? 😀

If this is the reason why England reached so far, keep doing this

What a warm wish from a hot lady :-*

And what you have wore to support your team?

Really???? I don’t have any caption for this. sorryyyyyy 😛



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