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These Are The Perfect Spots To Apply Perfume.


These Are The Perfect Spots To Apply Perfume.

Aroma or scent if smells really good can change anyone’s mood instantly. Thus, people prefer applying scent and perfumes, what if we tell you that there are certain spots that can intensify the smell of the perfume and make you feel better moreover, will stay last long.

Warmth intensifies the perfume or say heat makes it smell better so try putting it in places which can sense and feel your heartbeat, which is nearby to your blood providing warmth. Some places could be,

This is the pulse point, and thus can help you smell better as the time goes by. Just keep your perfume bottle six to seven inches away from the wrist and apply the perfume, then let both your wrists dry and you can enjoy that fragrance all day long.

Behind the ears
Pulse points are better areas and so is behind the years, keep the same distance and apply the perfume for a longer duration of smell enjoyment.

Inside of your elbow
This is again the pulse point and is excessively used, which makes it warmer and can be utilized as the warm spot for the perfume to hit.

Backside of your knees
The back of the knees like under your elbow are used much and thus can supply your perfume with enough warmth. Moreover, it is also the place of your pulse so it can help fragrance to move and last long.

At the neck
This spot has more to do with the pulse, making it warmer and spreading the fragrance. This is one of the perfect spots for perfume application.

Don’t be shocked, yes hair can be the unusual but perfect spot to put your perfume, as the fibers help retain the fragrance and last it longer.

Belly Button
Yes, a pretty unusual, but effective place for the application of the perfume could be the belly button. It is perfect due to the fact that it can keep warmth and thus help in increasing fragrance.

On your clothes
Yes, yet another weird place, but it can help your skin to absorb the fragrance and help you smell pretty for a much longer duration. But make sure on what cloth you are using it, as if the perfume will leave the spot, it can even spoil your expensive dress.

On your ankle
Before wearing your favorite pair of heels, apply some perfume on your ankle as well. As it will spread the fragrance where ever you will go, helping factor is that they are constantly in motion. Moreover, it can regulate the perfume supply from tip to toe.

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