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These Are The Mistakes People Makes In A Relationship


These Are The Mistakes People Makes In A Relationship

Never go in a relationship only because all of your friends want you to be. Or you feel embarrassing being the only one single. Or your parents want you to get married. Go in a relationship, only when you are ready for it, really ready.

The relationship is a responsibility. Loving someone is not a part-time job. You dedicate yourself, then get someone else in return. It’s not being demanding or high maintenance, its called understanding each other and sharing your souls.

If you are in a relationship where you find yourself happy and satisfied, then never make these mistakes.

1; Never Hide;
If they hurt you, tell them. Make you insecure, tell them. Tell every damn thing. Don’t sound complaining, but with all your love, just let them know how they make you feel. If they change when you want them to, know that they love you too. If not, well you have your signals.

2; Never Avoid;
If you are too busy of a person, never go into a relationship. Your avoidance may break someone. If you have the guts to balance your work and someone who loves you, only then make the promise or find something else to entertain yourself.

3; Never Blame without Evidence;
If you think they are cheating, don’t keep fighting, try to use logic. Never ever blame someone only because they are unable to pick your phone, or didn’t reply to your message. You’re constant complain without any particular proof may irritate the person, and they may even leave.

4; Never Compare;
You are in a long relationship, but your friends are in live in. Now you want that too. This is incorrect.
Someone is on vacation, but you and your partner are not able to afford that, and you let that affect your relationship.
These things may make your relationship suffer.

5; Never impose your insecurities;
If you are in a relationship, either accept a person completely or let them go. Never impose your insecurities on the other one, and blame them to be anything only you think they are, but they actually aren’t. Don’t trust blindly, but never blame blindly as well.

6; Never sleep if another one is worried;
Don’t leave each other in tough times, if your partner is unable to sleep, don’t sleep only because you are tired. Try to take out a solution together and then sleep together.

Relationships demand efforts. If you want to be together, then have the spirit of no matter what happens, we stick together. If you can’t-do that, better buy a toy instead.

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