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These Are The Facts You Like To Know About Kukkoo Or Kubbra Sait.

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One of the most popular character from the India’s first original Netflix series Kukkoo aka Kubbra Sait is a TV host and an actor. She is the winner of India’s Best Female Emcee Award. kubbra Sait randomely appeared in few movies with Salman Khan like Sultan and Ready. She has hosted various program like Star Sports Pro Kabbadi and Stars Ka Tadka. 

Now she is getting all the appreciation and good rumours about her regarding her Netflix series Sacred Games.  Anurag Kashyap directed Sacred Game is India’s first original Netflix series. With the so many bold scenes and abusive dialog, Sacred Games able to get audience attention. It also get mixed reviews from the critics. 

Recently Kubbra opens on her 7 intimate nude scene captured in the series. In her recent interview with Times Now she told that how she prepared herself for the last scene in which she revel herself like a transgender. How she cried 7 times in real before shooting it in the reel. 

Just before the scene, I had a very happy, very excited, very joyful Anurag Kashyap jumping in front of me. Ache se karege haan, acha scene haan, ache se. I was laughing then, but I had to cry in the scene. We got to the vanity, he asked me what I drink, I said wine and he said get her a glass of whiskey. So he poured me a glass of whiskey and started reading the lines,” Kubbra was quoted as saying. 

Then she further added “Then I also start reading the lines, he takes the paper away and he says to me feel what I am saying. And the kind of emotion Anurag was reading the lines to me with, I was already at the helm of tears and at the one point, he said imagine you love someone so much but you can’t have them. You want them but you know you can’t have them. You don’t know what do to with yourself. This love is so beautiful and strong but it’s not going to last and when he said that, I just started tearing up. The minute he saw one tear in my eye, he said ab koi baat nahi karega and I am going to see her on set. He poured me another glass of whiskey, nobody spoke to me until I went on set.”

We have talked more about now let’s see some of her most beautiful and hot photos.

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