Best Way To Eat Potatoes

These Are The Best Way To Eat Potatoes

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Potatoes are healthy vegetables that contain a high amount of starch. Potatoes are very cheap to grow and are rich in nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc. Potatoes are known to reduce inflammation and constipation. Here are 10 healthy ways to eat potatoes without losing its nutritional value.

Method 1: Mashed potatoes

Steam the potatoes till it becomes soft and cooked fully. Mash the potatoes, add some lime juice and grate some ginger. Serve this with barbecued meat.

Method 2: Potato wedges

Cut the potatoes in shapes of wedges and brush it with olive oil. Sprinkle oregano if required. Bake it till it becomes brown in colour. Serve this dish with smoked salmon and sour cream.

Method  3: Stir fried potatoes

Dice the potatoes into cubes, stir fry it with little olive oil until it becomes golden brown in colour. For better taste, add a pinch of paprika and oregano. Serve it hot.

Method 4:  Three – potato salad

Take a blue, purple and white potato and dice them finely into cubes. Make sure that they are half cooked. Toss it with olive oil, wine, vinegar, oregano and paprika. Serve it fresh.

Method 5: Muffin potato

Shred the sweet potato and mix it into the muffin or cake batter and bake it. This is the best method for making your kids eat potatoes in a healthy way.

Method 6: Potato omelets

Boil the potatoes fully with its skin. Mash it well and mix it with eggs. Add paprika and oregano. Fry the mixture and serve it hot with cheese toppings for better taste.

Method 7: Indonesian Salad

Boil the potatoes, green beans and eggs. Chop the cucumber and tomatoes. Mix all the ingredients with olive oil, wine, little soy sauce and vinegar. Sprinkle paprika and oregano on top and serve it hot and fresh. 

Method 8: Potato tortilla

Boil the sweet potato fully. Cut it into cubes. Finely chop the onion and green pepper. Mix all the ingredients well. Place the mixture on the tortilla wrap and sprinkle shredded cheese on top of it and bake it for half hour. Serve it hot.

Method 9: Whipped potato

Fully boil the potatoes. Mash the boiled potatoes well. Blend a few cloves of garlic and oregano together. Add this to the mashed potatoes. Serve it along with barbecued chicken and it will taste better with home-made barbecue sauce.

Method 10: Fresh potato

Take a few sweet potatoes and dice them finely into cubes. Then, toss the cubes of sweet potato in your stew, curry or risotto.

These are the best healthy ways to eat potatoes without losing its nutritional value.

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