The relationship between your sleeping position and personality.

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  • If u want to get an exclusive insight of one’s personality you must see how they sleep.It sounds’nt it?Now you can get to know about the secrets of one’s personality by just looking at the way they sleep.Psychologists and researchers have found it true that the way one sleeps reflects how one must be wondering how is it possible?if we can really judge someone looking at his or her sleeping position? let me tell u about some secrets which is going to be really fun for you.okay,if u sleep like covering your whole space ,it says you are social and you like interacting with people .and if you wakeup in the same position the way you sleep says you want to keep yourself within your self made boundaries and love to keep yourself reserved.Now I am going to tell you about another one,
    Some of us sleep with our eyes open.i remember how my cousins used to make fun of me when i used to sleep like that, later i came to know ,keeping the eyes open while sleeping signifies that the person actually dreams alot and is much dedicated towards it ,So this was about some of the traits to reveal the secrets of your personality but it is not all that i have for you.Let me discuss briefly with you about some of the common sleeping positions concomitant to our lifestyle.
    So begining with my favourite one,
    The pillow hugger – The pillow huggers are those who sleep hugging there pillow and love to get cuddled in the bed.
    Personality trait-These people keep their values very close to them and love to cherish all their relationships with broad smiles.
    The philosopher -Be it the unique one but it is definitely the most beautiful one.The people who sleep in this position keep their one hand on their chin or their left cheek.
    Personality trait-people who sleep in this position are generally very creative and their emotions swing between the extremes.
    The fish- This is about those who who sleep parting their legs and keeping their hands apart holding the pillow with one hand,similar to that of a fish.
    Personality trait -The people who sleeps like this are more social in nature with a great sense of humor and are more concerned of other’s emotions.
    The free faller -The people who sleeps in this position covers the whole bed during their sleep and keep taking different positions,
    Personality trait – People who sleep like this are generally kindhearted and have a helping hand toward others.These people are adjustable and are of compromising nature.
    The side lock – The side lockers are those who sleeps considering their side base.
    Personality traits -these people generally like to keep themselves out of the crowd and want to prove themselves.These people are highly motivated and dedicated towards their goals.
    .The straight arranged -these people wake up the similar way they sleep.They generally sleep in a fixed position
    Personality traits-The people who sleeps like this are more systematic and love to keep themselves arranged.

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