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The recap culture:Exploring the television reality.


The recap culture:Exploring the television reality.

Welcome to the world of television.This is how we look at our favorite daily it definitely begins with a ‘recap’
bound in a minute or two and then we have some really curious questions to be answered which is more curiously answered by the ‘internet’ where we find our clue to solve the puzzles.

oh wait !,nothing is ever what it seems to be.its just a part of the show and then these recaps will give you plenty to toy with,sometimes really interesting ground to be digged further and find the real ‘masala’, and may be sometimes you find no reasons for which you were connected though it may give you too much to belive and find out what happens in the story next .so let us find out if the recap thing really does justice to the plot?

Basically The idea behind the recap is not to introduce you to the storyline and let you know how it is to work, but it is to make you sit curiously with ur popcorns packed up, and find out who is to die next,and would the hero be really able to find out where the antagonist is? Are’nt u skeptic sometimes ? did it actually occur ever?

The whole idea of recap goes back to an English series which after having a run of six years came up with a chain of scenes from the show out of which some could not even relate to the story and remained unexplained in that context.

Now the question here is how the viewers consumed it? Let’s get back to those who had no idea about the show and got really into the recap.they must be looking for the ground to unknot the threads tied together and find out how the story works.but did it work the similar way? Well,may be. But if not then did it do justice to the viewers who
Were digging the ground looking for surface where they never reached?

Let us not forget our favourite good to do serials where the protagonist always wins,be it a fight or not forgetting the recaps where we suddenly get caught up with a scene where the protagonist meet some accident,or he is really injured so now we sit to find out what happens next,how the Ideal hero gets troubled,but what if The end tells u it was just his wife’s dream and nothing more .Now she must be consoled and the drama continues.but thats not how the recap presented it. Was it?.
Now let us talk about other ones the typical romantic ones, let me take you to the world of fountains,butterflies,beautiful flowers,trees which just keep sheding their leaves and the breeze makes it perfect for the lady love to play arournd her hair.and it is all set for a beautiful romantic song followed by them dancing like no one else is walking on the road thats how the recap begun we are sitting relaxed smiling,oh finally the love gets united,but how if at the end we realize it was just the hero’s wish and the are still apart.

We must not conlude that the recaps are always irrelevant to the mainstream plot,but yes sometimes they really are even if we say they do not do a disservice to the television culture,but what about the way viewers are consuming it and how just it is to there taste?basically summerizing the main plot has not always been as trending as it seems to be nowdays,and this might have been to keep the viewers connected by spicing up the suspense which emerges out as something else later which generally shatters the expectations of viewers, who do not find the maincourse as spicy as the starters they were served.

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