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The Great Indian War of VoLTE – Jio vs. Airtel


The Great Indian War of VoLTE – Jio vs. Airtel

Last year Jio made a bang in telecom sector and brought a huge change in connecting India by launching the VoLTE services. Following the race  now Airtel, India’s largest network operator will be launching the VoLTE over which all calls shall be free!

Mumbai is the first to taste the Airtel’s new services and other cities will follow eventually within next few months. Like Jio, the Airtel VoLTE is based on 4G network and customers can dial HD voice quality calls. Till date it seemed Jio had an advantage which will change soon with the launch of VoLTE by Airtel.

Let us understand first what is VoLTE?

VoLTE is a short terminology for voice over LTE and at present is only offered by Mukesh Ambani’s telecom company: The Reliance Jio in India.

VoLTE allows a telecom operator to offer both voice and data over a 4G LTE network. Some advantage of VoLTE are:

  1. high call quality compared to 3G and 2G connections as hi speed data can be transmitted through 4G technology platform.
  2. VoLTE also allows a greater network coverage. The frequency of 800MHZ on which the whole that 4G-volte operates has greater reach than the 2G or 3G.
  3. VoLTE delivers extra battery life on a smart phone as the network does not need switching to the 3G/2G network while making a call.

Is your 4G smart phone a VoLTE enabled phone ?

Many handset companies have followed the Jio’s VoLTE outburst and released models with VoLTE compatibility. More models will keep getting released. Almost  all the popular  breed of high-end smart phones are currently supporting VoLTE. Another way is to upgrade the mobile’s operating software to the latest version that supports VoLTE. This update is provided by the device manufacturers preferentially.

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