The clock is ticking by and you hardly studied for the exam- Here's how you cram! - Wittyrumours
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The clock is ticking by and you hardly studied for the exam- Here’s how you cram!


The clock is ticking by and you hardly studied for the exam- Here’s how you cram!

We all have faced an exam so important and so deserving of focus and yet we remained lazy bums till the final call. It is only when we are swayed nearer and nearer to the exam that it dawns upon us how crucial every minute is. And by the last minute, the bile is already rising up your throat. Here are few tips on how to cram and save your day!

Get enough sleep:

Get enough of undisturbed sleep before you brace yourself for the mission at hand. You are going to have a lot of vigorous cramming to do. That can’t begin without a good night’s sleep. Your brain needs fuel in the form of enough oxygen. Sleeping oxygenates your brain enough for the strenuous task that you are about to take up.

Switch off your mobile phones:

It isn’t as near impossible as you assume it to be. With the countless apps and their constant notifications, you aren’t to be blamed if you are distracted. Your mobile will keep inviting you with open arms for you to succumb in its lap of comfort and useless entertainment. All can wait until the last exam. If not switching it off, putting it on silent mode can evade distractions.

Seek the help of creativity:

Though hard work is the most reliable route to success, here you are going to resort to the shortcuts. Cramming is easy. But, remembering it later is the difficult part. Here is where you should work smart and not work hard. Make short notes and highlight objectives. Adopt simple patterns or a sequence of letters that will help you remember a list of places or technical names. Associate the sequence of things in a paragraph with a story or scenario. This will last at least until your time of the exam.

Teaching is learning:

The best idea would be to ‘divide and learn’. There may be too much to be crammed in a single day. But, if you have a couple of friends who have been as procrastinating as you, then you are lucky. Each one of you could learn a concept each and summarize it to the rest. When you explain what you have learned to a layperson, you are also helping yourself to retain it better. Similarly, your friend can read the whole lot of the concept assigned to her and explain it to you in a nutshell. You benefit mutually. For those of you in residential schools or colleges, this would be extremely familiar.

Every minute is vital:

You have already wasted a huge lump of time and that is exactly why you have to cram now. This is your last chance at the exam. Keep repeating it like a mantra and never submit yourself to deviations. Make the most out of the little time in your hand. You can work wonders.



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