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Talking therapy: it’s good to talk.


Talking therapy: it’s good to talk.










Being a philosophy person I speak alot.My friends often hates me for the ‘extra gyaan’.Talking to strangers has always been my sounds strange though,you would love to have such a hobby after knowing what it actually does for you.

Talking therepies are not only for those who are struggling with bad times or have emotional issues and can’t sort them.It is for everyone who loves,who lives ,male or female,young or adult, gay or straight.Your educational background does not make a difference either.
Talking is one of the best phycological therapies.It makes you feel better and light.

Well,talking about this therapy it’s not just about getting a counsellor ,its about introspecting and connecting ourselves with the world.sometimes we feel more comfortable while talking to a stranger than a friend or a relative.It is because they listen to ur problems,let you find your answer.They would let you cry your heart out without judging you.That is what a therapist or a counsellor does for you.
They would respect you and your opinion while listening to you.

Talking therapies are not always person to person talks.sometimes it is good to sit in a group and share our openions.There may be different type of therapies but all of them have one aim,
Talking therapies does not make your problems go away,they give you clues to solve your puzzles.

It helps you in getting out of depression,anxieties phobias and disorders.talking therapies are used alongside with the medicines.
Apart from this it has physical benefits as well.Talking therapies can treat your life well if you are suffering from diabets,heart diseases ,strokes,back pain etc.

Older people who are above 65 are likely to get more benefits out of this.they often have,depressions or Negetive mental health issues after a certain age,talking can treat you well and have a quality life.

So keep talking ! Keep healthy!

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