Bitter ones are real friends!

Posted by - September 11, 2017

We sure meet all kinds of people in our life. The funny ones, the kind ones, the mean ones, the introvert ones, the cute ones, the friendly ones, the intellectual ones. But the ones who are bitter are one of their kinds. Something or someone leave them bitter in their lives. Though the truth is

How to determine if friends are real?

Posted by - August 23, 2017

One of the major question during our teenage years and early adult life is: Which of our friends are real? How long are they gonna stay with us for? Often we cannot differentiate between one who is genuinely interested in helping us and the one who pretends to be nice to our faces but as

8 reasons why long distance friendship is the best!

Posted by - August 20, 2017

After school everybody leaves to study in different places. And often best friends have to stay away from each other. But distance cannot separate your hearts. Here’s 8 reasons why long distance friendship is the best: Bond gets stronger than ever before as you miss them, you realize the place they have in your life.