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Sunday Special: Apple Iphone 8 and Top Upcoming phones of 2017 & 2018


Sunday Special: Apple Iphone 8 and Top Upcoming phones of 2017 & 2018

Hello my friends!! Waiting and wanting to upgrade your smart phone? Then it’s a must to read this article where I have  enumerated some of the latest & best new upcoming phones of 2017 and early 2018.

  1. Apple iPhone 8 – 12th September launch
  2. Google Pixel 2 – 5th October launch
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – 23rd August launch
  4. Samsung Galaxy S9 – 25th February launch
  5. Nokia 8 – 16th August launch
  6. LG V30 – 31st August launch
  7. Samsung Galaxy S8 mini – date unknown but might be unveiled late 2017
  8. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 – 11th September launch
  9. Sony Xperia XZ1 – 31st August launch
  10. Motorola Moto Z2 Force – 25th July launch


We’ve already seen some great smart phones announced earlier this year, including the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, LG G6, HTC U11, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, Xiaomi Mi6 and One Plus 5. These are all now on sale, however Apple Iphone 8 is garnering most of the attention with prying eyes for its release on 12th September 2017.

These upgraded phones will bring faster performance and huge battery life in the hands of buyers. Use of the new Snapdragon 835 chip which is making headlines for its 25% faster performance figures and half the power consumption compared to  previous Snapdragon 801.

Buyers can expect this processor to be paired with at least 4GB but also as much as 8GB of RAM, a minimum of 32GB of storage, minimum of extra-large 2k(Quad-HD) displays to 4K screens and best in class camera lens systems for near to SLR type imaging capabilities..

Let’s discuss about upcoming most awaited czar of smart phones the Apple Iphone 8.

It is now less than a week from the unveiling of the most hyped up iPhone 8, which may be released alongside the current iPhone 7 in the form of the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus.

Apple is set to throw in some of the mojor change on the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. A combination of design and hardware changes would make the iPhone 8 the most inspiring and innovative new iPhone till date.

The iPhone 8 could be the spectacular phone: an iPhone that is a single sheet of glass with an edge-to-edge OLED screen.

Other rumors suggest that this iPhone 8 will feature wireless charging for the first time, and possible biometric features such as facial recognition or iris scanning. It’ll run the Apple A11 processor and motion co-processor, and be brutally lightening fast phone in the world !


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