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Sportsmanship is what separates good from great


Sportsmanship is what separates good from great

Virtue of team spirit is called sportsmanship. Working with teammates where everyone has a sense of satisfaction and drive to play fair to win. Not necessarily win but make their way towards it. Cooperation, punctuality, discipline, obedience and sincerity are the five main factors that come to mind when sportsman spirit comes up.

  • Cooperation: It is only upto an extent that a person can rely on himself. He has to live in harmony with those around him. Tasks which need to be accomplished with help of others. This happens in field of sports. Players keep aside their differences for the sake of their team in order to achieve greater goal for the whole team. It helps them to communicate better.
  • Punctuality: Practice makes a man perfect. But what is practice without punctuality if the players don’t follow the schedule or don’t reach for practice on time? No one can excel at something unless they value time. If one is not serious enough to be punctual then the whole idea of becoming good at something goes into the dump.
  • Discipline: Discipline ensure completion of a task in the most systematic manner possible. No loopholes and quicker way to learn and succeed. Following the codes and ethics of a sport increases the proficiency of an individual as well as a team. It instills confidence too.
  • Obedience: Abiding by the rules, listening to the coach, the team leader or captain is one of the most important factors. Obedience is important because at some points, it does not matter if you know best but if you trust someone else to do what is good for everyone. For the team, after the team becomes a family you just want the best for it to save it from losses and damages.
  • Sincerity: Truth and commitment towards the sport. Will-power to attain greater levels of success by being sincere to one’s aims and enthusiasm to go to any degree in order to learn a sport and master it. To accept the rate of improvement, failures at times and still work at it with same flair.

All these qualities help and benefit us not only in sports but in general too. They make up the sportsmanship. And anyone with a healthy sportsman spirit can beat the game of life.


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