Some Morden Day Torcher Techniques

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Torture has been around for a long time, but unfortunately, it hasn’t gone away. There are numerous modern torture methods and devices. Hopefully one day torture will be a thing of the past, but until then we should all be aware of modern torture cases, at the very least to raise awareness. These are Some Disturbing Modern Torture Methods.


This is another “enhanced” interrogation technique that most likely needs no introduction. Prisoners would have water poured over their face to simulate drowning. The practice was banned in 2006 by the Bush Administration.

Branding Iron

Another torture device that has been adopted from the world of cattle farming, branding humans have been around for centuries.

The German Chair

This is one of the preferred torture techniques used by ISIS. The prisoner is strapped into a chair and the back of the chair is pulled backward and down towards the ground. As you can imagine, the human spine is not meant to take such pressure. Apparently, this technique was adopted by the Syrian government.

Sleep Deprivation

You think college was bad? Imagine not being allowed to sleep. Like…ever.

Death Bed

Allegedly used in some regions of Asia, prisoners are typically tied to a board and left alone for days on end. This usually leads to muscular atrophy and was used for political prisoners prior to their sentencing (usually death). Because their muscles had become so weak, the prisoners would typically appear very weak before the almighty government, thus sending a signal to other dissidents.

Music Torture

It might sound crazy, but various governments have been known to use something called music torture. And it is exactly what it sounds like…they blast songs at their targets (allegedly everything from Metallica to Britney Spears). It just sounds so cruel.

Live Burial

There isn’t much to be said about this one. Prisoners are buried alive (and sometimes given straws to breathe through). They may or may not be left on the ground.

Hell Confinement

This technique is popular among police forces in China. It basically involves putting the prisoner’s hands and feet through one big handcuff.

Cat O’ Nine Tails

The same whipping device that was used on Jesus of Nazareth is still being used today. Although the Inter-American Court of Human Rights has pressured Trinidad and Tobago to put a stop to the practice, it is still being used from time to time.

Note: the worst part about the Cat is that it has metal claws on the end. These dig into the skin when the victim is whipped and are then forcibly ripped out.

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