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Some fun facts for Pretty Little Liars Fans.

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Pretty Little Liars is a TV show about secrets – after all, the entire plot is centred around the idea that “two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.” It would make sense that the series certainly has some secrets of its own. Despite the fact that the show is ending in 2017 (sob), there’s still plenty of time to theorize about the final season’s inevitable plot twists and big reveals. But the secrets of PLL go beyond the mystery of “A”’s identity; in fact, there are some mysterious gems about the series’s production itself. As we settle in for the long haul of waiting four more long months until Season 7B, let’s put on our Rosewood trivia hats. Here are some fascinating PLL facts that even the highest ranking members of the PLL Army might not know.

Ashley discovered the show’s theme song. She first heard “Secret” by the Pierces while filming season one, and immediately played it for the rest of the cast, according to THR.

The cast is required to maintain certain aspects of their appearance. In his new memoir Odd Birds, Ian Harding, who plays Ezra, reveals that he’s been contractually obligated to have the same haircut and shave his chest since season one.

Haleb and Spoby weren’t always supposed to happen. “We knew that [Ezra and Aria] had wonderful chemistry, but we didn’t realize right away that Hanna and Caleb would have that great chemistry, or Spencer and Toby,” showrunner I. Marlene King told

Toby’s fate was up in the air. “Toby actually committed suicide in the second book, very early on,” Troian Bellisario, who plays Spencer, told “So we brought in this character and there was the talk of, ‘Would the story go that route?’ But the audience loved him so much — they wanted to keep him around.”

Ashley Benson came up with the idea of matching tattoos for the cast. “None of [the other Liars] were really down with the idea at first,” she told Elite Daily. “Then as we were closing, I was like, ‘I’m getting a tattoo, so whoever wants to join.’ At which point everyone decided to be on board. But then there was the whole question of what to get… I thought; let’s just get the first letter of our names — or people got first and last, whatever. They wanted to put it on their ankle and all these places, and I love finger tattoos, and thought it’d be cool if we did the shushing thing.”

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