Some ancient techniques those were used to torture women only

Some Ancient Techniques Those Were Used To Torture Women Only. (Part One)

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Sexual Torture and Rape Has Been Used All Over the World

Sexual Torture and Rape Has Be is listed (or ranked) 11 on the list 15 Horrible Torture Methods That Have Been Used Primarily on Women. Rape has been used as a means of torture throughout history. For example, during the Nanking Massacre, Japanese soldiers raped and murdered thousands of Chinese women. Rape is also used as a method to extract confessions from prisoners. Amnesty International found that rape is “routinely” used to force women to confess to crimes in Mexican prisons. Prisons in Iran have also been accused of beating and raping their female prisoners and terrorist organizations like ISIS use rape as a means of torturing women. Rape is perhaps the oldest and most enduring method of female torture that exists.


The Spanish Donkey Cut Women in Half During the Inquisition

Also known as the wooden horse or the chevalet, the Spanish donkey slowly cut a woman in half through her genitals. It was used throughout medieval times, during the Spanish Inquisition, and a similar device was used on Confederate prisoners during the Civil War.The device consisted of a sharp triangular wedge supported by either two or four legs. The woman would be forced to straddle the pointed end of the device, which was sometimes covered in spikes (as shown in the above photo) so that it could slowly cut into the woman’s crotch. Weights were sometimes added to the victim’s feet to make the triangular edge dig even deeper, eventually cutting into her organs. Although the Spanish donkey is pretty gruesome, some people thought it was sexy. The BDSM subculture adopted a mild variation of the device, using it like a restraint and spanking bench. The woman partaking in the play lays down on the “horse” face-forward with her arms and legs dangling below, exposing her rear.


Republican Marriage Was a Nun’s Worst Nightmare

Republican Marriage Was a Nun& is listed (or ranked) 12 on the list 15 Horrible Torture Methods That Have Been Used Primarily on Women. The very idea of being naked with another man is torture for women as religiously chaste as nuns. Now imagine being stripped and tied to another naked man, and then thrown in a river. That is a Republican Marriage. This method of torture was used primarily by priests and nuns during the Reign of Terror during the French Revolutionary War. These drownings occurred in Nantes, France between 1793 and 1794 and were ordered by Jean-Baptiste Carrier. Sometimes, instead of drowning the victims, a crowd would gather and run through them with swords.


The Scold’s Bridle Forced Women into Silence.

The Scold’s Bridle Forced is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list 15 Horrible Torture Methods That Have Been Used Primarily on Women. For the medieval man, the easiest way to get his wife to stop constantly nagging him was to put her in a scold’s bridle. “Scold” refers to a woman accused of gossiping, or simply complaining too much. In those times, gossiping was feared to be the work of the devil. The first recorded use of the device – an iron mask locked over a woman’s head – was in the 16th century. The bridle was an iron mask locked over the head of the woman. Sometimes, spikes would be extended into the mouth and placed on the tongue, making it impossible for the woman to speak without immense pain. However, the torture of the scold’s bridle was primarily psychological; the woman was publicly humiliated as she was paraded through town wearing the bridle, while onlookers cursed and spit at her.


Witches Were Burned at the Stake (But Not in Salem)

Witches Were Burned at the Sta is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list 15 Horrible Torture Methods That Have Been Used Primarily on Women. Death by burning was a classic form of capital punishment reserved for women who were suspected of witchcraft, treason, and heresy. (Men accused of heresy or treason were typically hung or drawn and quartered.) Burning women at the stake were popular in England in the 15th through the 18th centuries, but despite popular belief, no women were burned during the Salem Witch Trials in the American Colonies. If the victim sentenced to death by burning was unlucky enough to not pass out due to smoke inhalation, they would suffer an agonizing death. First, they would writhe in pain as their epidermis cracked open, then the fire would then burn through their fat layer. The only relief came when the fire damaged the nerves in the skin so badly that the victim could no longer feel pain.


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