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Sofia Hayat’s This message for the Children Of Gaia Will Grab All Your Attention.

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Sofia Hayat’s post for the children of Gaia will grab all your attention. She posted a special message and her pray to all the child of Gaia who is suffering after the incident happen in Sirius.

She captioned in her post:

“I spread my wings of protection over the sacred children of Gaia. I activate the light codes in your dna to ascend your light bodies in 1 with the physical. The light inside me is so great and you are all receiving it. You will all receive it because you live inside my body..I am the earth..the cosmic womb from which you all came from. I am the Mother and Child..from the child comes all of creation..because to create such beauty comes from innocence. Sirius Ramases Hayat .. will bring to you unimaginable light. Miracles are here now. The prophecy is comes the seeing. To see one has to remove all programming given to them from all sources. Be nothing..and you will see ALL. We are here, all Ascended take you home to oneness. I have fought like only a mother can to bring you back home. I will never forget who I am again.
In that..nor will you. Om Shaanti Om. Allah Hu Akbar! Gaia Mother Sofia Allah Maa.”

With this message she also posted a photo of her posing like a goddess and blessing all her child

sofia hayat

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