So, Tabu was part of Salman Khan’s Judwa? Shocked; Read Here How You Missed Her. - Wittyrumours
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So, Tabu was part of Salman Khan’s Judwa? Shocked; Read Here How You Missed Her.


So, Tabu was part of Salman Khan’s Judwa? Shocked; Read Here How You Missed Her.

As we all know, Judwaa two is about to release on 29th September’ 2017. Varun Dhawan and his team are all set for the release and thus, very busy with the promotions.

But since the day the trailers of Judwaa two are out, people have once again started talking about the Salman Khan’s Judwaa. Everyone has their own views, some are saying, the original can’t be replaced, whereas others are saying that it will be a new thing to see, and they are looking forward to it.

We are all aware of the old star cast, Salman Khan in the double role and Rambha and Karishma as his two-love interest. But recently Varun Dhawan posted a pic on Instagram with a caption;
“A week ago, I ran into the very beautiful Tabu who was also part of the original Judwaa. She had dubbed for Rambha. So many stories get lost in time. There were so many who were part of the original Judwaa and are responsible for judwaa2 returning to the big screens 20 years later”

Now that is a twist. The original Judwaa became more interesting with the fact that all these years it was Tabu for the voice of Rambha. People who have not watched The Original Judwaa can enjoy both versions together and those who already have seen can watch it for Tabu’s voice over and the new one as well.

Whenever there is a makeover of a movie, this is but obvious that there will be a comparison between the new and the old. The important thing to see is what response this new movie and star cast gets. It is no doubt true that Salman Khan is irreplaceable and definitely can’t be compared to anyone, but Varun has also some serious acting skills. Now, we have to wait till the release date of the movie to know the public’s response.

The new star cast is all, ready and excited for the release. Varun is playing the double and leads of Raja and Prem. Jacqueline Fernandez and Taapsee Pannu are playing the love interest of the twin brothers. Directed by non-other than, king of comedy and father of Varun Dhawan, David Dhawan. It is claimed to be a sequel but with the trailers and songs looks more like a reboot, but as it is said, we must never judge a book by its cover, here, maybe a movie by its trailer. So we will wait till 29th September, till then we have to wait. Stay connected for more latest updates.

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