Simple ways to save electricity in your home…..

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Saving energy is the best you could do to yourself and to the environment. You save a huge bite of your current bill portions and a part of the energy reserves as well. Starting from something as simple and easy as remembering to switch off the fans and lights as you exit the door, you can go on to retain electricity by following these energy saving techniques that call for no skilled expertise.


Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs are cheap in cost, easily available and save almost ten times more than incandescent bulbs. Replacing the incandescent bulbs with CFLs can be the most efficient way to save electricity. According to Energy Star, buying CFLs need not be bound to second thoughts because of its mercury component. In fact, in the process of producing electricity, CFLs do not emit as much mercury as power plants.


Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy stars will guide you in choosing that appliance which suits your energy saving needs the most. These appliances may be more expensive than the rest but they are likely to make up for it by reducing costs through saving energy.


Planting shady trees and breezy plants around your house minimizes your house’s exposure to sun and heat. Placing proper trees of the right size and in the right distance in relation to your house can cut down your electricity bill considerably. It improves the insulation of your house in all seasons.


Using showers can normally save water during your bath. Also be cautious about using water in your dishwashers and laundry. Always not let the tap run continuously while you brush. Avoiding the use of hot water can reduce both the water bills and electricity bills. Also, use air to dry your dishes rather than using your dishwasher’s drying cycle. Wash only a complete load of clothes in each cycle.


A device or an electrical appliance can still spend energy when it’s on but not in use. This energy is called as “phantom load”. When you are not using the appliance you can either unplug the device or plug it into a power strip. Turn the strip off once the use of the equipment is over.


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