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Should you search your teen’s browser history?


Should you search your teen’s browser history?

If there is a question, it is obvious, that there will be the opinions. This question is no exception. Different people have different opinions.
Some find it absolutely fine and important to have a look at whatever their children are doing online. This isn’t counted as spying but, trying to keep them safe.
People who think, this isn’t important, should be enlightened that, after the release of one famous tv series named “Thirteen Reasons Why” the web browsers increased with the search of the word suicide. This never shows that only teens were searching for the particular word, but they are the ones who are affected most, so we can not completely, let them be on their own.

On the other side, when Microsoft, launched a software for parental control, it faced a lot of criticism, because people think, that children have right to privacy and right to knowledge. So keeping a track on all of the there searches may make it difficult for them, to know about some serious topics like religion, sexuality, gender and domestic abuse.

If you are concerned about what they are doing online, then you can take help of some software, which records each and every search history and also keeps you alert on the usage of any flagged word such as ‘suicide.’
But this really never means, you need to become Sherlock or James Bond. Because there is much more about your child to know, than only his web searches.

Keep your child safe, and for that, just don’t keep a look on internet or technology, but also consider, his behavior in real life. Rather than trying to train him well, understand him instead. We don’t say that experts suggest this. If you are spending enough time with them, you may notice any change in them. You can also keep a check on their habits, grades, and interactions to make sure they are safe.

When children are in their teenage, they need the most of the advise, but if we will try to shape their world according to our conditions, we may fail to give them, a personality or thinking of their own. No doubt they are your children, but they will become, an individual sooner or later, don’t create a copy, or prototype, let them grow and be unique instead.

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