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Respect for mother tounge-connecting with culture.


Respect for mother tounge-connecting with culture.









India has been known for it’s diverse culture from ages. We have a rich cultural  heritage  that not only binds us with a thread of oneness,but let us step out of our boundaries and embrace the diversities with open mind and free soul.but the real values of a culture can only be conserved
conserving our mother tongue and cultural heritage.once we are connected to these values we are closer to our traditions and incredible culture.
Our culture not only defines our identity but also let us celebrate the feeling of togetherness.
Moving back to our holy scripts and religious books we find that all of them are written in the local languages,providing us the right path of knowledge.
Indian scripts are widely respected and followed because of their great ethical values.we have our Vedas ,Upanishads and shastras which teaches us to be proud of our language and carry it as our identity.
India is a country of differences and diversities.we have different languages in different regions.A mother tongue is the first language which makes us feel comfortable and keeps us at ease.It is the language in which we first learn to express our emotions.
When a child starts growing he grows with a language which makes him define himself,which lets him define his emotions and expressions.It is one’s pride and identity.

Communicating in one’s own language is probably the world’s best feeling.but today’s generation is leaving all these behind and getting off track.They are on the way to forget their rich culture.There is a mass imitation to follow the western culture without knowing the consequences.Though there is nothing bad in following one’s one choice,and we must not criticize any culture afterall every culture has its own richness.Growth
Prosperity and learning should always be constraint free but neglecting our own identity is not the alternative.

No doubt the world is shrinking and technology is filling up all the gaps,but a tree without roots never grows.Our mother tongue is our identity ,and we must respect it.Even if we are living far from our place it helps in connecting with our culture ,our values and ourselves.

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