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Oh, please oil your hair!


Oh, please oil your hair!

As a teenager and college student, I have always dreaded it when my mother approached me with a bottle of oil. I have always wanted to retain the effects of shampoo on my hair because it made my hair look like having more volume. Applying oil always took that effect away and tamed my wavy hair in place. Some of the oil would also make their way to my face and I thought I looked overall less beautiful. Little did I realize that I was choosing momentary beauty over the entire health of my hair? Oiling your hair deserves more importance that shampooed looks.
1) Massaging your head and scalp is good for blood circulation
Massaging your scalp with oil is an important part of the oiling process. As your massage the roots of hairs, your scalp and all over your head, you are doing a great deal of massaging activity that boosts blood circulation in your head and refreshes you.
2) Hair strength:
Oil may be naïve and old-fashioned for your savvy looks. Most like most of the old things, this is gold too. Unlike hair serums and lotions which offer you temporary relief from frizzy hair, oil seeps through the hair strand until it reaches its very roots and permanently nourishes it. It improves the tensile strength of your hair and makes it more resistant to breakage. It adds a natural shine and smooth texture to your hair.
3) God for an oil bath:
Regular oil baths for your hair (at least once in 5 days) can significantly arrest hair fall. When you apply oil generously on your hair, the night before your oil bath, all the soot particles, and grease stick to it firmly because of the sticky nature of oil. When you wash and rinse your hair with water the next day, the dust attached to the oil is easily washed down. It removes all accumulated dirt from your hair follicles.
4) Relieves you from excess body heat:
Oil has extremely soothing cooling properties. As you massage your hair with cool oil, it brings down your bodily heat and exhaustion. It also drives the heat and redness away from your eyes. But, it is not preferred when you have a cold or fever.

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