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Never let your marital fights impact your child!


Never let your marital fights impact your child!

Your kids are what you build them with. They are the products of your actions and upbringing. They are a reflection of you, your spouse and the harmony with which your home functions. “Sow as you reap” can apply more relatively to parenthood. Children play very close attention to how you and your spouse treat each other. They never miss out on the things that you do while in an argument or conflict. You may shut the door after you with a loud thud, you may haul abusive words at each other, and you may throw things away in anger. Or something as trivial as giving each other death glares doesn’t escape the child’s notice. The extent to which the child feels safe in its abode is a measure of how compassionate their parents behave with each other and towards the child. Destructive parents can leave a negative impact on the child that can last for decades.

Marital arguments and misunderstandings may be unavoidable but there are ways to handle it without affecting the children. Move somewhere private out of their reach. Gather all the patience it takes to hold on until they are out of hearing. And if you are cold with each other, remember not to use abusive language. The child may watch you and feel it is right to do so. It may adapt itself to the same coping methods that the parents follow, to face conflicts! Talk through and resolve your conflicts with positive methods and let your kid witness that. Give your child the confidence that the family will stay intact and that you as parents, shall never give up on them. Don’t leave chances for any insecurity that may affect them. Give them a happy home, a happy childhood.

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