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Never be belittled for your gender!


Never be belittled for your gender!

We are treated for who we are. Or rather for whom we are in terms of age, sex, skin color and status. How many lines of separation do we see among human beings who are said to be equal in the eyes of God? Gender inequality and Patriarchy don’t go without surpassing a single lady under the sun. She has experienced it in many forms. Some are noticeable and some unnoticeable in the name of ‘norms’. Patriarchy is in every nook and corner in spheres of a girl’s life. It starts from the moment she is asked not to play outdoors while her brother can. She cannot wear less clothing because that will distract the men. She cannot go out in the dark because that will provoke men. She has to pay to get married someone because she is the female here. How shameful is it to treat someone with lesser privilege just because they belong to the other sex? Why does she have to endure all the irrational submissions just for the way she was born? When I think of reasons behind the existence of this patriarchal structure in society, I cannot come up with a single, sane reason to back it up. What do you owe the subjugation of women to? There are brutal instances in history when women were tormented as mere child producing machines and girls sold for their flesh. This is, still on a large scale, existent. Please don’t give the ‘things are better now’ comebacks. Would you stop treating your disease once it has reduced in severity? Patriarchy is a plaque which is still hovering over women who did nothing except be born a woman.

Who is anybody to determine what she can or cannot do based on her gender? She is. Just like some boys, men or children turn out to be, she may be gentle and delicate too. But, that gives you no reason to go about imposing your choices and restrictions on her. She will be what she wants to be and that is her basic humanly freedom to which she is completely entitled. She may go wrong, she may give herself in exploiting hands, and she may tumble and fall down. Buy, let her get up on her own and remember her mistakes. Independence is the best thing you can gift a girl you care for. Gender can never come as a criterion to mark her down. She deserves all that a man does.

But, the first category of people that need to be preached about gender equality is that of women itself. Had each one of them fought back against misogyny right from the very start, the women of today would be no different than a man, except in biological aspects. Now is not too late a late start. Don’t stop pursuing what your heart craves for, for the mere reason that your gender isn’t approved to do all those things. With just a little more push, we could refrain our future generation from having to deal with patriarchy.

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