Mistakes you might be making with your men.

Mistakes you might be making with your men.

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Being sentimental

Even if you are dating a guy exclusively, try not to be bogged down by Hollywood notions of what courting should be like. Buying him heart-shaped balloons, showing up at his workplace every other day or crashing his inbox with soppy messages are likely to bore him over a period of time. Initially your partner may be amused or even touched by your mushy gestures but eventually, these will become a cause for embarrassment or even irritation. So keep your expressions of love simple and meaningful – don’t overdo them and be sure to respect his professional hours.

Trying to change for him

Just like it is no good trying to change a guy to fit your idealistic notions of what a partner should be like, so it is quite useless to try and change yourself to appeal to a man. Keep in mind that if he likes you, it is because he is attracted to the qualities that you already possess and not because he sees in you the potential for developing other qualities. Also if you present yourself in a radically different way in the beginning and then do an about turn three months into the relationship, there is little doubt the guy will feel cheated and want to move away. Having said that, there are indeed some men who would encourage you to conform to their expectations of an ideal woman in return for the promise of a relationship. But before you stop being yourself, consider what good is such a man who doesn’t love and respect for the person you are, but rather is in love with a false idea or image.

Being possessive

It is a mistake if you think that being possessive is a sign of extreme love. Most guys do not appreciate their partners throwing a tantrum if they respond to a call from an ex, or go out with the boys once a week. Even though such intensity of emotions may seem pretty flattering at the beginning of a relationship, over time it may get on a guy’s nerves. Apart from the obvious implication that you don’t trust him, your possessive behavior could also indicate your own emotional insecurity.

Snooping among his belongings

Another sign of lack of trust that upsets men is being spied upon by their partners. Women who check their man’s cell phone for strange numbers or for provocative text messages are committing a serious error. If you don’t trust your man enough to let him have some privacy, then maybe you need to get out of the relationship or perhaps to re-examine your values.

 Letting yourself go

Even if you have been in a relationship for quite some time, this is no reason for you to settle for a tired, run-down appearance. Men are visual by nature and they like to see their partners maintain their physical attraction. So sign up at the gym if you have put on weight or make an appointment at the salon in order to get back that glow. And once you are looking and feeling good about yourself, you can bet others will be attracted too.

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